My Medium Membership Has Been So Worth It, And This Is Why

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Hello friends! My name is Emmett Boudreau, and I write stories about applied sciences, data science, technology, programming, statistics, and other STEM concepts here on Medium. I have been a Medium member for a while now, and today I wanted to discuss why being a Medium member has been incredibly beneficial when it comes to learning new things. Not only is this the case in my field of software and data science, but also in general — I have learned philosophies and coping mechanisms for life that I would not have had otherwise.

Whenever I was getting started with Data Science, having practiced software engineering in a more general purpose sense for an immeasurable number of years, I stumbled across Medium a lot. Each time I would go about doing a search for a topic related to Data Science, Medium would come up. Keep in mind, this was while I was still in school! As a result, whenever my teacher suggested that I talk about what I love and do on a blog online — both for the purpose of future job prospects as well as to get things out of my head and into the minds of others — Medium was a no-brainer. The main reason I gravitated towards this site is that many of my fellow creators had helped me when starting with Data Science, and I thought it would be great to contribute to that wealth of information. I am appreciative of Medium, and of course my readers for giving me the platform and privilege to share such things.

Blogging on Medium has also helped to reduce my “ performance” anxiety, where I was previously really scared to put things up with my name on them. This is a problem with myself I am still trying to get over, but overtime Medium has made me a lot more social and able to share my work creatively, which is another thing to come out of the site that I really love.

One of my most satisfying moments in the entire time I have spent blogging is when I received a response asking whether or not a graphics card was compatible with my instructions on forcing Linux kernels to use AMDGPU on Sea Island graphics cards. If you do not know what that means, don’t worry, no one does. Anyway, the response was just extremely satisfying because I remembered going through the process myself without all of the information in one place, or really in any place to be honest. I was just happy that the respondee had found my article, cause it was pretty much the only resource available online that would show them how to do it. Sharing that information and helping someone brought me so much satisfaction.

Medium also has a pretty great community, and on my blog the community is amazing. The people here are seriously so nice, and I am appreciative of all the love that has been shared with me on Medium.

This all culminates into the first big reason my Medium membership has been worth it; I am supporting the Medium community as a whole. I am a referred member of one of my friends, so they get income each month whenever I pay my mere 5 dollars for unlimited information on the site. Supporting my fellow creators is something I love to do, and in addition to the friend that gets half of my base member money, the people I read from also get money! Medium also does not tend to absorb very much of this money, so with the amount that is being done for other creators by being a member, it kind of feels like a no-brainer.

This is on top of the wealth of information available to members. If you want to enter into any intellectual field, learn more about yourself, or have interesting conversations on interesting topics with interesting people, Medium is such a fantastic website to do all of that! Being a member has allowed me to learn so much information that would have required ridiculous amounts of research otherwise!

Medium has been great to me. I love this website, and I am excited to continue both reading and posting to it in the future. I thank everyone who takes the time to acknowledge my existence endlessly. If you would like to look into becoming my referred member, here is a link that will sign you up and help me out; I get about 50-percent of your membership fee.

If you would like to become a member, but do not want to support me, consider joining with the referral links of some of my favorite writers and friends on Medium:

Thank you for supporting Medium as a platform, as well as me as a creator. It really means the world to me! Carpe diem! Hope to see you again soon!



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