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When it comes to finally executing your code, many of the high-level programming languages that we often use do not offer a lot of tools that allow one to look into the language at execution. Sure, we could print values, we can have some amount of output that tells us…

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With the world of computing that we live in today, one of the biggest issues with introducing a new programming language is going to be its ecosystem. It is similar to some of the problems that operating systems and computers in general are facing now. A lot of technology is…

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There are many concepts, which have now become generic programming concepts, in computer programming that I have fallen in love with in my experience as a computer programmer. I had a moment in my life where I was in love with object-oriented programming, and sub-typing of classes such as what…

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In my opinion, for being a dynamically-typed language, types still need to be thought of a lot in Julia. This is actually something I much prefer to the other languages out there that are sometimes trying to hide types and implicitly change types for you. Things like that in JavaScript…

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One of the key features of the Data Science domain is the application of artificial intelligence and statistics onto real-world data. The great thing about this part of Data Science is that it is incredibly powerful, and can apply nearly anywhere where data can be successfully wrangled. …

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The world of predictive modeling can be complicated, and scary. Machine learning models can be somewhat complicated, and learning what is breaking a model’s output can be a very hard problem to solve. Typically, the problem with predictive models is not actually a problem with the models themselves at all…

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Data-Science to an outsider can be a confusing tunnel caught in the crossfire between a field that is all about computation and hypothesis testing and a field that is all about computer programming. We understand this, and do not worry — we are scared as well. …

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Programming, especially in less Computer-Science geared, research, and educative fields has one big problem when applied to those applications — computer programming can often be hard. Not only can not everyone read your typical imperative programming language, but code can naturally become harder to read when it is surrounded in…

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